for static websites

An easy to use CLI that automates the whole deployment process with your favorite cloud providers.

A free deployment system that gives you more


Automates the whole deployment process including domain operations, cloud infrastructure and content delivery.


Everything runs locally which means you don't have to share your API keys or information with third parties.


Chose how you configure your stack. Generate templates automatically, edit them in the Torus config file, in your AWS console or using the cloudformation designer.


Have full control of your IaC templates. Chose how you want to deploy and which services of cloud infrastructure providers you use.

Install Torus and deploy your first project in less than 1 minute.

All best practices are added automatically (HTTPS, 99.99% SLA, Global Edge Network with instant cache invalidation). We currently support AWS Cloud and Godaddy but more integrations are coming soon.

1. Install Globally

Make sure to have Nodejs12+ and NPM installed

2. One time Config

Configure your cloud and domain providers globally

3. Deploy

You must be in the root folder of your project


Custom Domains

Deploy your projects with your own domains obtained through your domain registgrar of choice.


Automatically add a secure URL to your site with a free SSL certificate.

Cache Invalidation

Instanty updates the edge network's cache globally every time you make a change.

SLA Agreement

Includes a 99.99% SLA automatically with all your builds

DNS Transfer

Automates the nameserver operation from different domain name registars.

External DNS

Use other DNS providers with cloudfront

Import Resources

Automatically imports all your existing resources from your cloud providers in your projects.


Generates all the resources that it needs so you don't have to configure anything

One Time Installation

Install globally and use in all your projects

Pre-defined Templates

Get started right away with some pre defined cloudformation templates (dev, test, prod)

Continous Deployment (Coming Soon)

Integrations with major CI/CD providers will allow you to automatically publish content commited to your git remote.

Teams (Coming Soon)

Create per-stack IAM roles allowing you to asign team member per project

"We are standardizing hosting throughout all cloud providers, giving users more control, lowering switching costs, ending vendor lock-in and democratizing the way content is published to the web"

- Gabriel Kardonski
Lead Developer Torus Hosting

How it Works

Torus Hosting is made up of a multi command line interface and 4 SDK's; Stack, Domains, Content and Init. The CLI facilitates the interaction with the SDKs. The SDKs standardizes the different services among the different cloud providers and domain registrars. You can also build on top of the SDKs without the use of the CLI.


A multi command line interface made with OCLIF that provides a great developer experience.

Stack SDK

A promise-based javascript SDK that generates and deploys JSON cloudformation templates for static websites in AWS. It uses the AWS SDK to create, and execute changesets in a particular sequence that enables automation of the entire process while maintaining a short deployment time.

Domains SDK

A promise-based javascript SDK for standarizing and managing nameserver and DNS operations accross multiple domain name registrars.

Content SDK

A promise-based javascript SDK for simultaneously updating content in S3 and the cache in Cloudfront.

Config SDK

A promise-based javascript SDK for configuring Torus globally in your machine, or on a per-project basis.

architecural diagram torus hosting

For more info check out the docs


Currently we only support AWS Cloud and Godaddy. Soon we will be adding other major cloud and domain providers to offer you a multi provider experience. You will be able to mix and match the best services from your favorite providers; all under one simple to use tool. To do so, we will be switching from cloudformation to Terraform.

We are adding continuous integration for popular front end frameworks such as React, Gatsby js, Svelte, Vue, Ember and others. You will able to use CicleCI which has a very generous free plan for starters or AWS codebuild for a more robust pay as you use solution.

If you are interested in adding new providers create the feature request here and we will add it to our pipeline; or feel free to submit your own pull request.

Join Us

We are a fully open source project and welcome everyone to join us. If you are interested in contributing, or just want to see what we are currently working on, click on the project board bellow.